Advantages Of Using A Ground Cover For Weed Control. The biggest challenge to farming and gardening is their maintenance. Weeds are nasty and grow fast at places where they should not. They affect fertile soil the most and ingest nutrients from the moist soil. They are common in agricultural lands and greenhouse-beds. Although it becomes hectic to control them, one can prevent them by adopting ground covers. Ground covers help to protect the plantation from insects and pests. They help to prevent surface run-off and soil erosion. They are inexpensive and easy to use.

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To maintain the plants that people want to grow, they search for ground cover manufacturers in India. The weeds may interrupt your work and your battle with these weeds begins. However, there are many alternatives if you want to control the growth of these weeds. You can either hoe them out or burn them. Although mulches help to prevent the growth of these weeds, the growth of plants that cover the ground is the best way to control weeds. There is a myriad of benefits associated with the use of ground covers. Let’s give them a read. 

Weed Mat

Weed Mat


  • Protects soil 

Soil plays a chief role in the growth of the plants. The soil rich in nutrients and minerals promotes the growth of healthy plants. Nutrients and minerals are important for the growth of the plants. When you use ground covers in India, it prevents soil erosion. It protects the soil from eroding to maintain the required nutrients in their place and to further prevent water loss. Ground covers are of utmost benefit in areas with steep slopes where soil erosion is common. 

  • Maintains beneficial insects 

While one plants vegetation, it is noticeable that not all insects harm the vegetation. Some insects promote plant growth. These insects take-up the harmful substances from the soil which helps in the growth of the plants. When there are no harmful substances or excess of any nutrients in the soil, the soil is ideal for the growth of healthy plants. When these insects die, they play a role in the compost formed. Ground covers provide perfect habitats for these insects to grow. They also maintain these insects in the soil and protect them from predators. 

  • Prevents weeds 

Weeds are the biggest obstacle in plant growth. The growth of weeds with vegetation or plants is not helpful. The weeds absorb the minerals and nutrients from the soil which affects plant growth. A plant cannot grow in soil that lacks essential micronutrients and macronutrients. When you use a ground cover, it prevents weeds from affecting plant life. It prevents the germination of weeds between the plants. Thus, the plants get the essential substances and grow healthy with no risks. The ground covers also prevent the ingression of perennial weeds. 

  • Insulation 

Insulation is another element that determines the longevity of the plants. Seasons change and these changes in temperature affect plants too. A plant will grow, but somewhere the climate changes affect its growth. If the plant requires warmer climatic conditions and the temperature around is cold, then the plant will die. Also, if the plant requires a cold climate and the temperature around is high, then the plant will not survive. Ground cover plants in India to ensure that these temperature changes and climatic conditions do not affect your plantation. Ground covers provide insulation to the soil during seasonal changes. 


Ground covers are living mulches and maintain the humus levels in the soil. Sometimes, these ground cover provide various commodities like food and medicines. Ground covers are essential for plantation and promote the longevity of the plants. Using ground covers is helpful in ‘n’ number of ways, and one can rely on them for a safe plantation.