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Ground Covers: Protect Your Soil

Ground cover vines and plants have a wide range of applications. When looking for a good ground cover plant in India, look for one that remains close to the ground and has roots that reach out into the soil to grasp and hold the soil. These plants thrive in both full...

5 Important Qualities of Insect Netting for Garden

Are you planning to build a nice garden in your backyard? If yes, invest in high-quality garden products to secure your crops, plants, and fruits from natural forces. Insect netting is the most critical aspect you can consider avoiding insects and bugs. Of course, you...

Benefits Of Using A Ground Cover For Weed Control

The biggest challenge to farming and gardening is their maintenance. Weeds are nasty and grow fast at places where they should not. They affect fertile soil the most and ingest nutrients from the moist soil. They are common in agricultural lands and greenhouse-beds....

Importance of insect mesh in various fields

Mosquitoes, Bees, wasps, flies, thrips, aphids, whiteflies, pepper weevils, Cockroaches and other insects have been quite a nuisance to mankind. These insects can bite, sting and cause other health complications for human beings as well as hinder manufacturing...

Shadenet – A Perfect Shield for Agro Field to Get Complete Protection from Insects

What are Shade nets? Are you planning to install monofilament shade net for your Agro Field in order to get 100% protection from the insects present in the open air? Well, if this is the case, then you have landed on the right page. Read the information stated below...

Quality Factors To Be Checked While Choosing Weed Mats In India

Weed mats are simplified sheets that are typically placed in a garden. The mats always serve as weed barriers. Their main aim is to prevent weed from accumulating in the garden. They are highly available and made of different materials like plastic and fabric and each...

Parameters To Select The Best Quality Monofilament Shade Net In India

Monofilament shade nets are nets that are widely used in greenhouse and for horticulture farming. These shade nets are designed high-quality raw materials and are packed in unique packaging material for security purposes.  The monofilament shade net is used in outdoor...

Benefits Of Anti Hail Nets On Apple Trees

Anti-hail protection for the apple tree is a special type of Knitted or Woven Fabric mesh to ensure that the fabric will work, even in Extreme Weather Conditions.Currently, almost most of all Orchid Owners are using anti-hail nets on the apple trees. This Type of nets...

Net House – The Indian Net House Model.

B&V Agro A Pioneer In Manufacturing Of Agro Shade Net has A Vision For The Ideal Indian Net House Model. Currently Various type Of Net House Structure Exists Like Structures Made From – Stone Pillars, Bamboo, Metal Fabricated Structures Etc. These Structures Have...
Green White 50%
Shade Percentage (%) are as follows:

30%, 50% , 75%, 90%.

Colour Available :

Green , Black, White.

Standard Size Available :

3.0 m x 50m.
4.2 m x 50m.
Any other size available on request

Please feel free to Contact our Customer Service at +91 9769746643 / +91 9820576260
Please feel free to Contact our Customer Service at +91 9769746643 / +91 9820576260