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Green House Fabric Side Aprons: Your Best Defense Against Rain in Greenhouses

Where meticulous care and precise environmental control are paramount, managing rainwater can be a challenge. While rain is essential for plants, excessive or uncontrolled exposure to it inside a greenhouse can lead to various issues, like overwatering, fungal...

Why Every Farmer Needs High GSM Agro Insect Nets

In modern agriculture, protecting crops from pests is a critical concern. One effective solution is the use of high-GSM agro-insect nets. Why Every Farmer Needs High GSM Agro Insect Nets These nets provide a barrier against pests, ensuring healthier crops and higher...

When and Why to Use Weed Mats

Many people think weed mats are pretty much all the same—you just spread them out on the ground and plant your veggies or flowers, right? Wrong! Weed mats work by preventing roots from growing past their boundaries, but the way they do this varies depending on what...

Weedmats in Agricultural Fields and Gardens: Weed Mat Ground Cover

Are you into Agriculture and gardening, looking for effective weed control solutions? Then B & V Agro Irrigation Co. Weedmat is the right choice. Weedmats play a vital role in agriculture, farming, and gardening. They help in controlling germination of weeds and...

Various applications of shade net strips

Agriculture: Crop Protection: Shade net strips are used to protect crops from excessive sunlight, wind, and hail damage. Nurseries: They are employed in nurseries to provide shade to delicate seedlings and young plants. Greenhouses: Shade net strips help regulate...

Use of Shade Net in Plant Nursery or in Horticulture

What is shade net?  Shade cloth fabric is available in densities ranging from 50% to 90% to suit the unique needs of different types of plants, flowers and crops. Use of Shade Net in Plant Nursery or in Horticulture Shade net is a lightweight knitted polyethylene...

Use of Greenhouse fabric in Shade Net house

Shade net houses a variety of purposes, but often they are most beneficial for shielding crops like tomatoes or peppers from environmental factors like excessive heat or sunlight. They also lengthen some growing seasons, allowing farmers to produce more in a shorter...

Benefits of Anti-Hail Net for Farms and Gardens

Anti Hail Nets protects the Crop Against Hail, and Protects the Fruits. They Are Available in two Different Weave – Zig Zag and Woven. These have High GSM, Made From 100% Virgin Raw Material, UV Stabilized and Are Know to Lasts Longer.If you can feel the sting of...

10 Essential Benefits Of Farming Shade Net – You Need To Know

1. Modulates light intensityEvery crop requires a certain amount of light to thrive. Too much light can be just as harmful as too little. With the use of a sun shade net, farmers can effectively modulate the amount of light that reaches their crops. The nets filter...

Benefits of Weed Mats for your Garden

Weed Mats division, where we specialize in providing high-quality landscape fabric solutions for gardens and landscaping projects. Weed mats, also known as weed barriers or landscape fabric, are essential tools for maintaining weed-free and healthy outdoor spaces.At...
Green White 50%
Shade Percentage (%) are as follows:
30%, 50% , 75%, 90%.
Colour Available :
Green , Black, White.
Standard Size Available :
3.0 m x 50m. 4.2 m x 50m. Any other size available on request
Please feel free to Contact our Customer Service at call+91 9769746643 / +91 9820576260
Please feel free to Contact our Customer Service at +91 9769746643 / +91 9820576260