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A Power Loom Fabric made from Mono-Filament Yarn is Extensively used in Seed and Vegetable Growing. Our Insect mesh are very durable as they are made from 100 % Virgin material & treated with UV Stabilizers for Long Life. The weight of our Insect Net is over 120 GSM, one of the heaviest available in the market.

The world population is increasing with each passing day. Available land for agriculture is thereby decreasing and is hence becoming more expensive. With this going on, many farmers and people working closely with the agro sector are shifting towards organic methods of cultivation since they are a more eco-friendly alternative.

An insect mesh prevents insects from using the air vents. This means that unnecessary or harmful insects can be kept at bay, while the useful insects can be maintained inside. The insect mesh will also allow for maximum ventilation for the crops and the minimum loss of light, making it easier for farmers to profit on crops without using any harmful pesticides on the plants. It is important to keep the insects and pests away since apart from external weather conditions, insects can cause immense damage to the yield by feeding or sucking on plants, deposing eggs on crops and spreading many harmful diseases. Moreover, these insects and pests are slowly growing to resistant to the pesticides used, resulting in a drastic reduction in the efficiency of such solutions.
Insect Meshes are, therefore, more effective and eco-friendly. They do not harm your crops but are also successful in keeping the pests away. There are different types of nets used in different scenarios:

  1. Net houses: Are lightweight frames with poles and cables to support the insect mesh
  2. Greenhouses: The greenhouse walls are made of insect mesh or nets
  3. Walk-in tunnels: the whole area is covered with insect net

Additionally, insect meshes are a cost-saving method; since you do not have to keep buying pesticides and can solve the problem with one go. They diffuse light through them which is beneficial for the plants and results in a better crop. There is less temperature drop seen in spaces that use insect mesh and is certainly a good option if you are concerned about food safety. Shadenet provides the finest insect mesh or net in India. The insect mesh manufactured by us can be used extensively for seed and vegetable growing and made of 100% virgin material and treated well with UV stabilizers for long life and durability. Contact to know more.

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Insect Mesh – White


Insect Mesh – Red


Insect Mesh – Green


Insect Mesh – Blue

Size Available for weed mates,standard size:

Standard Size Available :

3.0 m(width) x 50m(length)
3.6 m(width) x 100m(length)

Any other size available on request

We also Provide Complete Net House

Advantages Of Insect Mesh :


Prevents pests like thrips, whiteflies etc which damages the crop thereby increasing the overall yield.​
  • Reduces usage of pesticides.
  • Uniform protection throughout the area used.
  • Provides good ventilation.
  • Does not block too much of sunlight.
  • Light weight and can be easily stitched with regular machines.
  • Protects the crop from wind and hail
Please feel free to Contact our Customer Service at call+91 9769746643 / +91 9820576260
Please feel free to Contact our Customer Service at +91 9769746643 / +91 9820576260