Combined with Strong backward Integration Programs, R&D efforts, and focus on Customer Satisfaction Ensures the Best Quality Nets. We have over a period of time besides Shade Nets, Introduced Products such as Weed Matt, and Insect Mesh as well as Safety Netting in Mumbai. Garden bird netting is a type of netting that is specifically designed for use in gardens to protect plants from birds.

Fine mesh netting is a type of netting that is designed with a very small mesh size, typically less than 1 millimeter. It is commonly made from lightweight, synthetic materials such as nylon, polyester, or polypropylene, and is often used in applications where a fine mesh is needed to prevent small objects or creatures from passing through.

Some common uses of fine mesh netting include:

  1. Insect protection: It is often used as insect protection to keep mosquitoes, flies, and other small insects from entering a space.
  2. Air filtration: It is used in air filtration systems to prevent dust and other small particles from entering the system.
  3. Food production: It is used in food production to prevent pests and other contaminants from entering the production line.
  4. Water filtration: It is used in water filtration systems to remove small particles and contaminants from water.
  5. Safety and protection: It is used in safety and protection applications to prevent small objects from passing through and causing harm, such as in sports equipment or playgrounds.