Shade net houses a variety of purposes, but often they are most beneficial for shielding crops like tomatoes or peppers from environmental factors like excessive heat or sunlight. They also lengthen some growing seasons, allowing farmers to produce more in a shorter amount of time, which increases agricultural productivity. Agribusinesses frequently employ shade net homes, which specialize in creating a single product in large volumes for distribution. Tomatoes may be grown successfully in shaded net houses without being damaged by excessive light. In agriculture, shade net homes are frequently beneficial to prevent crop overheating. Additionally, systems for fisheries, aquaculture, dairy farming, and poultry production employ them.

Shade Net House Material Uses

  • Materials from Shade Net House offer a highly efficient substitute for insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides.
  • It guards against pests and lessens the spread of illness.
  • In horticulture, agriculture, and floriculture, a green shade net seems to be useful.
  • They give plants a chilling environment that may be up to 30 degrees cooler than the outdoor temperature.
  • This milder climate, among other things, promotes greater flower and fruit pollination.

Benefits of Shade Nets

  • By keeping moisture within, the shade nets are essential in preventing significant plant drying.
  • Cooling is one of the most significant advantages provided by shade netting. The shade nets transpiration-based cooling system
  • One of the main advantages provided by the shade nets is security for the plants and crops. The shade nets provide protection from illnesses and pests. The plants get destroyed by pests, rendering them unfit for human consumption.
  • With the use of these shade nets, several climatic factors, including light, humidity, temperature, and carbon dioxide levels, may be managed, assisting in the proper development of the plants.

Why Choose Us?

B & V Agro Irrigation Co. is a leading supplier of superior quality shade nets. We guarantee that they are perfectly fit for the usage they are designed for. We at B & V Agro Irrigation Co. cater to the unique demands of consumers in the best way possible thanks to our many years of expertise in the shade net production industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Shade nets offer several benefits, such as:

Providing shade and reducing temperature: They help to create a cooler and more comfortable environment by blocking a percentage of sunlight and reducing heat buildup.

Protecting against UV radiation: Shade nets can filter harmful UV rays, minimizing the risk of sunburn and other health issues caused by prolonged exposure.

Controlling light intensity: They allow for better control over light levels, which is beneficial for certain plants that require specific light conditions.

Reducing water evaporation: Shade nets can help prevent excessive evaporation of moisture from plants or surfaces, conserving water resources.

Protecting against wind and hail: In agricultural settings, shade nets can serve as a barrier against strong winds and hail, reducing crop damage.

Consult our mat specifications and planting tips pages for the best mats to use for specific crops.

Our meshes can be installed on any door or window, for example : wooden doors, iron doors, aluminium doors, sliding doors and UPVC doors.

The lifespan of anti-hail nets varies depending on factors such as material quality, UV exposure, and maintenance. Generally, high-quality nets can last anywhere from 5 to 10 years or more with proper care and maintenance.

Monofilament shade nets block a percentage of sunlight, reducing the intensity of sunlight and heat reaching the covered area. This helps in controlling temperature, humidity, and light levels, creating a more favorable environment for plants, animals, or humans.