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Made From High Density Polythelyne (HDPE) and mixed with Black Master Batch they are Ideal in preventing growth of weeds in Nursery, Grape beds etc.

U.V.Stabliziers added To Weed Mats ensures Long life & Durability.

Do you have a flower bed or are you planning to make one? While flower beds can look really beautiful, maintaining it can be difficult if you have to deal with the weeds that usually come with it. Weeds typically tend to grow very wild in the type of soil which is rich in moisture. Once weeds start growing in your flower bed, your plants will have to compete to get the right amount of water and nutrition since the weeds tend to use them up for their growth. This can damage your plants.

While you can certainly use chemical weed killers, they are not a healthy option for you to consider. That is why to avoid this, weed mats were introduced in the market as a more eco-friendly alternative. You can use weed mats in a simple flower bed and it will certainly be effective and a non-toxic method to get rid of them quickly. But how do weed mats work? Weed mats are usually designed out of plastic or cloth material. They work by stopping the supply of sunlight to the weeds, thereby eliminating them quickly.

Before purchasing a weed mat, you should consider a few things; measure the dimensions of the flower bed so that you can get the exact weed mat size. Plastic mats are a lot cheaper than the fabric versions but the plastic ones do not have the required porosity and let water seep through the mat and are also not very environmentally friendly. Fabric mats, on the other hand, are surely environmentally friendly, offer enough drainage and also last longer. Make sure to check for the durability, resistance against fungus, mold and tears before you buy any weed mat.

Here are a few benefits of weed mats:

  1. Prevents weed seeds from sprouting
  2. Limits the needs of chemicals and herbicides
  3. Retains moisture of the soil by reducing evaporation
  4. Offers erosion control on slopes or areas that are subjected to heavy rains

At Shadenet, a weed mat manufacturing company in India, the weed mats are made of high-density polyethylene along with black masterbatch that prevents the growth of weeds in nurseries and flower beds. They are also UV stabilized for longer durability. Contact to know more.

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Black Weedmate
White Weedmate
Black $ White Weedmate
Size Available for weed mates,standard size:


Standard Size Available :

1.0 M(width)  x  50M (length),
1.5 M(width)  x  50M (length)

Any other size available on request

Please feel free to Contact our Customer Service at call+91 9769746643 / +91 9820576260
Please feel free to Contact our Customer Service at +91 9769746643 / +91 9820576260