B&V Agro Irrigation Co. is the oldest manufacturer of shade nets in India, with a world-class manufacturing facility in Mahape MIDC, Navi Mumabi. Made in imported German machines, they prioritize customer satisfaction and R&D efforts. Monofilament shade net innovations revolutionize protection from harmful UV rays, offering sustainable solutions for a greener future. These cutting-edge nets provide enhanced protection and eco-friendly outdoor experiences.Sun protection is crucial for outdoor enthusiasts and gardeners, as harmful UV rays threaten health. Monofilament shade net innovations revolutionize shielding from harmful rays, offering enhanced protection and sustainable solutions for a greener future. These cutting-edge technology contributes to a safer and eco-friendly outdoor experience.


Monofilament Shade Net offers sun protection benefits

Improved sunscreen effectiveness

Monofilament shade nets enhance sun protection by combining advanced sunscreen with UV-blocking properties.

Reduced heat and glare

Monofilament shade nets protect against UV rays, reduce heat, and glare, providing comfortable outdoor activities like picnics and gatherings.

Durable and long-lasting

Shade nets are durable, weather-resistant, and provide reliable sun protection with sturdy construction.

Customizable shading options available

Monofilament shade nets offer versatile shading percentages for various applications, including shaded play areas and nurseries protection.

Improved ventilation

Monofilament shade nets provide air circulation, preventing trapped heat and refreshing breeze in outdoor spaces.

Eco-friendly solution

Monofilament shade nets made from recyclable materials offer eco-friendly sun protection and environmental preservation.

Agriculture protection measures

Monofilament shade nets protect crops from sunlight and heat stress, promoting healthier growth and higher yields in agriculture.

B & V Agro Irrigation uses durable monofilament extruded yarn for mono nets in green, black, and white colors. Standard Size Available in 3.0 m x 100m. 6 m x 1000m.Invest in monofilament shade net innovations for improved sun protection and a sustainable future, ensuring personal and environmental well-being while enjoying outdoor activities.

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